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Now offering service agreements for those looking to use honey bees to hold their agriculture property tax exemptions in North Texas. All real property 5-20 acres is eligible. We are also currently seeking pollinator contracts for spring of 2021.

Summer Bees

Now taking orders for Summer 2023 honeybee colonies. Each single deep colony  will have a 2023 marked queen. Our bees are gentle, excellent brood producers and big honey foragers. The bees will be available for pickup early June 2023.


Thank you for your support the last few years. Our company has experienced tremendous growth over the last couple of years and we feel we are stretched too thin to offer an optimal experience at our California Street location. With that said we are closing our brick and mortar location  in Gainesville, TX indefinitely to focus on the bees.


Two brothers dedicated to saving the honey bees. Our paths in life took us in different directions and after 25 years of separate successful ventures we took advantage of the opportunity to join forces and start a new business supporting honey bees in the spring of 2018. We hope to become your one stop for all things supporting the honey bee and their beekeepers. Life is better with bees.


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